iClone 7
Released in 7.81
Issue 7068
Iray does not launch in CC3 or iClone if you chose preview selected in the pugin menu.. it launches from the icon in the toolbar only.
The title explains it all.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAscensi
Thanks Molly! 

With the recent update the icons in the toolbar disappeared and I check the toolbar setting in the Iray Plugin list and it did have a checkmark already.. I just disabled it and enabled it again and now shows correctly.  If this issue is common for many UI icons not showing, perhaps a script that disables/inverts all current ui settings then uninverts them back again is called when the programs are being updated.

So again, after the update it disabled the Iray icon in the toolbar and I had to disable it and re enable it again to show correctly.
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Hi Ascensi,

It won't open Iray preview panel if you chose preview selected in the plugin menu.There are only two ways to open it,pressing Iray Preview button in Toolbar and pressing Preview button in Iray Render panel.If you want to display Iray toolbar,you can check Toolbar from Iray Plugin menu.

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Iray Icons are missing from iClone.. I've reinstalled Iray, same problem. The only way I can get an Iray tab to appear is by clicking on Iray settings in the plugin area as there is no icons for it in the toolbar.  I was having an issue with the smart gallery not showing so I reinstalled it and now works.  

There seems to be an issue between Iray and the Digital Human Shader-a big delay. I hope you add a "copy SSS texture to iClone SSS texture slot" and vise versa as a linked texture so projects aren't overwhelmed and load faster.