iClone 7
Issue 7613
Iray Preview Window and Title Bar move out of scope
When using IRAY Preview the window pops up at different positions on my monitors. I use 3 monitors with different resolutions. Even if I disable one monitor it is not sure, where the prview window appears. But more important: The title bar is often out of scope so that i cannot reach it to drag the preview in an visible area. Then the window keeps moving away randomly without any action of myself, when updating Iclone screen. And it is not possible to adjust the window size precisly. One can only adjust the size aprox. to what one really wants. It would be very great, if the window would stay in scope of the monitors where it has been placed and if the window would behave like a real MS Windows-window with controls for sizing like every other window has. I have already reported this issue in Jul 2020 (Issue 7041) but I have not got any satisfying answer or solution until now. I am not amused.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bytkaefer
This is really bad service! I am not receiving any update or answer on this and the preview window apperas and moves where it wants to be. When will you fix this?
Hi, any news? I am fed up playing Catch-as-catch-can with the preview window. The preview window moves to the left when adding or removing an prop. After the 2nd or 3rd time it vanishes out of sight and I cannot get it back without restarting iclone. Sometime the window is to high to reach the title bar (see photo)

It would be great if you would improve the software that one can handle it in a professional way

Iclone stays beeing something like Banaware (The goods ripen at the customer's), but it is to expensive to accept this. So please go ahead with a solution.

Kind regards.
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