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Issue 7643
Invalid body morph between two iAvatar exported with clothes
When using the morph creator, trying to morph between two CC3 generated morph character can result in an invalid morph. It looks like the vertex ordering is different creating issue. What's odd is that the body get wrong **only** if clothes are exported with it.

Step to reproduce:
1. Create a new CC3 project with a base CC3 character
2. Add a shirt to the character
2. Export the character as iAvatar. Let's call it 'base'
3. In the same CC3 project, modify the morph of the character (heavy for instance)
4. Export this character as a second iAvatar. Let's call it 'heavy'
5. Create a fresh project in iClone, and import the first iAvatar, i.e., 'base'
6. Open the morph creator and load 'heavy' as a morph target
7. Try to change the heavy slider, and you will see that the body is getting wrongly morphed

Attached are two examples. Both examples use **exactly** the same scene that I haven't closed between the two attempts. The only difference is that one of them as clothes, the other doesn't. You can see on the dressed avatar that the morphing is wrong.

Ideally, if there was directly an automatic button to export morph target as FBX blend shapes, we could avoid errors like this.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byshikha.chaganti
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Hi pascal.ceccaldi,

It's not a bug.You need change the shirt slider at the same time,or Bake body and shirt slider to another one in Morph Creator panel,then change the slider which you bake,it will change body and shirt slider together.

is this your workflow?
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