iClone 7
Issue 8319
Installation fail
--I can't install my softwares anymore.--

I tried to update my softwares (didn't do it for months so i can't tell you what version it was) because of a problem with AutoSetup for Unity.
Results : SmartGallery for iClone (and for CC) couldn't be updated.
I kept on working on my projects, but when i tried to export animations from iClone to 3DExport, then i had an error saying the "animation import failed" into 3DExchange.

So i decided to uninstall all my softwares for a fresh install.
But none of the softwares can be installed anymore : CharacterCreator, iClone fail.

I tried to manually remove the downloaded installers in C:\Users\[me]\AppData\Local\RLDownloads to be sure the downloaded installers wouldn't be corrupted then tried again...

Now i'm in a trouble because i won't be able to end my projects in time...

In attached files, you will find :
- (Results of your tracker tool)
- RLLauncher.log (log file of my hub installation attempts)
- iCloneInstallationFail.png (screenshot of installation fail from RLHub)

Please keep me informed.
Waiting for your answer, have a nice day.
OS: Windows 10
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