iClone 7
Issue 4044
Improvements to audio channels and lip-sync editing
I have a video I'm working on with six possible tracks: one instrumental, one soloist and 4 chorus parts. The first problem is that iClone will only allow 4 tracks to play. This limits my ability to lip-sync all the singing characters. It isn't possible to cut audio tracks when certain parts are not playing, because there are many places where there is overlap, and the chorus always sings with the instrumental track.

Request 1: It would be helpful if there could be more channels available for audio playback.

I have also found that it is not possible to copy/paste the Lips track from one character to another, even if the there are audio tracks in both characters. I imported audio files to two characters, deleted the lips track in one and tried to copy/paste the lips from the other. iClone performs a copy, but will not allow a paste in the second track. I could save a lot of time if I could paste the lips track into the second character's lips track and then adjust the phonemes to align to the slightly different timings.

Request 2: Enable copy/paste of lips tracks across avatars. Additionally, if it was possible to apply the lips track to an avatar without an audio file, then the problem of limited audio tracks could be worked around by merging the chorus track and using a common lips track across all the parts of the chorus.

I suspect the second request may not be possible, because i have used copy/paste for lip-sync on repeated choruses for the same avatar. I found that the paste would work, but that subtle timing differences in the audio track would distort parts of the lip-sync playback until I realligned the phonemes to the track. It seemed like there was some influence of the audio interpretation happening even if there was a lips track present. I can imagine a couple of reasons why that would be the case, but I'm not sure that it should override a feature that allows for copy/paste across avatar lips tracks.
OS: Windows 7
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