iClone 7
Released in 7.3
Issue 3372
Improve Character Collision Shapes
I am referring to CC characters for all my wishful features here.
Capsual collision shapes that can be scaled to different sizes at the top and bottom?
Maybe even scaled differently between x and y? Thicker on x than y or thicker on y than x.

Or if that cant be done then even collision shapes that just fit the body better.
For example the legs thigh is generally thicker near the hip and thinner near the knee.
So if the Capsual collision was also thicker at the top and thinner at the bottom then it would help cloth flow without having to use 2 or 3 collision shapes on the thigh

Just another thought.
Or is it possible to set a limited number of the vertices on the characters body to act as collision shapes? Then we can get rid of the current collision shapes altogether?
To my understanding the vertices on CC characters have specific ID's so the morphing sliders know which vertices to move.
If that is the case then could some of those ID's be used to specify which body vertices are used as collision shapes from the body itself.
That way not every vertice on the body has to be used.
I think it would also mean that modifying collision shapes to suit the modified shape on a character would no longer be needed because if the bodies vertices were used as collision points then the collisions would be automatically set to whatever shape the body has been made to

Just a thought?
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Well, looking forward to CC3 even more now
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Dear all,

We have planned to add collision shapes on the CC3 Base characters.
Thank you all for your suggestions and votes.

A Long term problem, please improve in next update ...
I'd argue for either a low-poly "body suit" as Rampa suggested, or being able to save collision shapes with clothing (and then have them deform as the clothing deforms) in CC3.  Trust me, RL, this is going to be a HUGE problem in CC3 when folks start bringing in their own clothing as you've promised.  You are going to see a TON of issues arise with this.
Cross-referencing my Issue regarding LONG HAIR and COLLISION SHAPES...
Issue #608 - iClone 6 - Still "ON HOLD" when writing this comment.
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