Character Creator 3
Issue 7523
After using the Character Creator to Unreal pipeline for months out of nowhere a project crippling bug has appeared.

Characters will import and process in Unreal - but will throw this error message and crash the program whenever the Character is opened or used.

Assertion failed: AllocationId >= 0 && AllocationId <= 255 [File:D:/Build/++UE4+Licensee/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/Engine/Private/Materials/MaterialInterface.cpp] [Line: 611]

THIS IS EXTREMELY TIME SENSITIVE!! We are in the middle of using this technology for an event and are currently unable to do anything without this pipeline functioning.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byskycastle
Hi SkyCastle,

The problem causing the crash is too many "subsurface profile"s in this unreal project scene.
(Max 255 active profiles per scene) as mentioned in
To understand what is a subsurface profile, you can read
Or you can think of a subsurface profile is a combination of SSS color plus radius and other parameters.

Skin, Head, and SSS shaders all have SSS colors.
If there were too many characters, props, or accessories in different SSS colors, the 255 max limit could be exceeded.

Please check the number of subsurface profile in the scene.
You can manually select the subsufarce profile for existing material to reuse the existing one.
Auto-setup import currently won't reuse existing ones.
and can try to delete the extra subsurface profiles to a safe amount.

>> Standard Shader vs HQ
yes, standard shader doesn't use SSS, so it won't add subsurface profile.

Wayn Reallusion
My CC is v3.32. 
Exporting from CC to Unreal. 
Using the Auto Setup to import. 
Unreal Version is 4.25.3.

This happens when importing all of our CC models into Unreal. Have not tried it with default character yet. All of our models are generated by using Headshot, otherwise they are default with few modifications.

I've managed to isolate this issue somewhat and have been able to import models using the Standard Shader vs HQ. With this approach I can modify and open the models in Unreal. This however does not completely eliminate the crash, just makes it far less frequent.

This crash also occurs when using the iClone to Unreal Live Sync. After importing the model into the game and activating sync the character appeared and was correctly synchronized. However after pressing the Home button in iClone the character disappeared in Unreal, trying to restart, I deleted the iClone origin and the same crash error occurred.
Hi SkyCastle,

Can you confirm the version of your CC is 3.2 and you have the pipeline plugin installed or 3DXChange installed for export FBX.
Which version of UE are you currently using, and which version of auto-setup for unreal are you using?
Which character can reproduce this issue, or simply the default project character?
Does this issue happen with a clean new project in UE?

Wayn Reallusion