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I want to make my 3d face mockup look more like a 2d Cartoon
I want to make my 3d face mockup look more like a 2d Cartoon. How can I do it? I need face values ​​from 1 to 100 to have only the value 1 or 100. For example, I have such a robot . And I need to move his face more like a 2D animation. Like in the series love death and robots in season 1 in the series about robots. Please tell me what to do.
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Submitted bydamdam199724
I was tinkering with versions 7 and 8 and this is what I came up with.

 There are presets in version 7, but they work very poorly. in version 8 there are only 4 presets, for some reason all other options were removed. But version 8 has curve editor and it's better than version 7 because version 7 doesn't have it! But in Curve Editor I can't set auto preset. You have to set everything manually and it's annoying to say the least. Because for my purposes I need to have a curve step on certain face shapes! Let's say for streaming, my character will be unusable due to a banal flaw. How can this be fixed? 
Because it seems to me that this is technically corrected quite easily, but it gives a huge boost in the artistic potential!!!
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If you want to customize the expression, you can combine Morph Slider to Custom Slider.

Please refer to this tutorial:
Customizing Expressions for CC3+ Characters with Facial Profile Editor - Reallusion Courses

if you want to make facial animation smoother, you can use the built-in Smooth function of Motion Live, or reduce the strength of the received signal.

Please refer to this tutorial:
Getting The Best iPhone Mocap in iClone - by 3DTest - Reallusion Courses

By the way, in the new version 8 there is no Transition Curve to change to Step. There are only 4 options there. It's depressing...
I understand that you are proposing to bind part of the facial expressions to the keys. Good. I'll try it. But I need something different. I need that when capturing motion, the shapes do not mix and do not have an intermediate value from 0 to 1. That is, that the mouth is not open at 0. 656 .. and the like, but only 0 or 1 values. I am guided by the facial animation of this youtuber . Tell me how to achieve such a result?
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Hi damdam,

Provide 2 methods for reference

Method 1: Expressions are video
1. Convert character to RL character via Character Creator 4
2. Load character to iClone
3. If the expression is a video, paste it to character's facial mesh

Method 2: Insist on real expressions (likes puppet). We need to change from the source:
1. Use software (such as maya, max, blender) gerenate character and expression mesh objects (such as eyes will become heart-shaped, cross, circle, etc.)
2. Make morph slider in this software, let the expression mesh change according to the morph slider (it means to adjust the heart morph slider, the expression mesh will become a heart shape)
3. Export the character as FBX and transfer to Character Creator 4
4. Use Character Creator 4's Face Profile Editor to load all the expressions, mapped to all our sliders
5. This way, when the slider is adjusted, those expression sliders will be affected
6. Transfer the character to iClone to make expression
7. Use the Face Key Editor to make various expression keys
8. Select all expression keys and use the Transition Curve to change to Step to remove the transition
9. Use puppet or motion capture to generate various expression clips
10. Delete unnecessary keys after Sample Clip
11. Select all expression keys and use the Transition Curve to change to Step to remove the transition

The second method is very troublesome. Not only to do it from the source, but also tune it.

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Hi damdam,

To have a standard character with a robot appearance, it is basically impossible to do it with CC Morph alone.

You can apply accessories (ex: armor, helmet...) to make it more like a robot.

Provide you with two customized cartoon character production tutorials:

1. standard character production (Blender)
Mythcons- Reallusion Courses

2. non-standard character production import (AccuRIG process)
Modeling & Skeleton- Reallusion Courses