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Issue 7115
High Heels and Some Other Shoes Created Prior to the Release of CC v3.331 do Not Conform Well
Bottom line is, that Shoes (specially High Heels), which were created before the latest release do not fit/conform well and despite strong effort to fit them in CC, they require fitting, rigging and weighting all over again in an external app on a new CC3+ Base.

Trying to convert CC1/CC3 Base to CC3+ Base with High Heels on does not work either.

Moreover, I suggest to revisit High Heels fitting Button (routine) in CC. I strongly believe it is awkward and only good for something very simple.
It does not work well for high quality, detailed shoes, causing them to deform beyond acceptable level.

Please see more detailed report and screenshots:
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted by4u2ges
Hi Calvin,

OK, no problem. Here is a video (I cut 20 min conversion from CC1 to CC3+) :
And Heels:

Honestly, they are high poly and mesh is not the best. But I made them 4 years ago ( and they fit fine to all bases starting CC1.5 to CC3.2 (only minor mesh tweaking might had required).

I have another pair (not high heels), which also looked terrible on CC3+ base, but I was able to convert them along with CC1 base to CC3+ and now they fit fine on other CC3+ characters.

As you can see from video with high heels, the conversion failed. Shoes are no longer heels and the character retains heels pose after removing the shoes.

Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi 4u2ges,

Thanks for your feedback!
Could you capture screen video and reproduce this issue?
And upload the video to YouTube then attach the link in your next comment.
Also, please send your shoes for us either.
Thanks for your help!