Character Creator 3
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Issue 7050
Hidden Faces in Mesh Editor reappear when applying cloth from the content manager
1. Make a new project
2. Select the body, in the modify tab click "Edit Mesh"
3. Select "Face" edit mode
4. Hide some faces by selecting them and click on "Hide"
5. Add cloth from the content manager

---> Hidden faces become visible (which makes the hide faces tool useless)
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byc68
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi cyan68,

Thanks for your feedback!
If you want to keep the hidden result after you apply another cloth, please use Hide Body Mesh Tool.
Currently, the show/hide adjustment of edit mesh will be replace as Cloth's hide mesh settings after you apply the new cloth to character, but if you use Hide Body Mesh first, it will keep it.

I have also learn't more about this issue:

1)  If you change the "Scene" by adding anything or removing anything - this includes changing a rigged mesh to an accessory - then the character model will have the state of their faces' visibility reset, (faces will either be hidden or shown depending upon what cloth is in the scene).

2)  If you "Transfer Skin Weights" for a peice of clothing, (to make it better conform after 3.3+ conversion), then this will not change the visibility state of the character's model....  BUT... If you export a clothed FBX to Unity, (and possibly others), then the outpuf FBX file will have the state of their faces' visibility reset, (faces will either be hidden or shown depending upon what cloth is in the scene).  If you then "Show All" and then manually hide what is needed.. Then export again - then the FBX will show the faces that you were expecting.

3)  Using the Show All option on the character model when doing "Edit Mesh" will actually show all faces on all the geometary - not just the main character model.  An example would be if you were hiding the scalp part of hair - or hiding the feather on the wizard hat - if you "edit mesh" on a CC_Base, (mine was a CC3 project that had been converted to a CC3.3+ project), and then go to faces and click show all - you will see the feather has come back visible and the scalp is now visible too.
But then i discovered that although it had "shown" some faces I had hidden - it had also hidden some faces which I wanted shown.  I'm not sure what is happening here.  But I would dearly love it to not change the visibility of faces.
I can confirm this is the case.  Adding cloth from the Content panel - causes hidden faces to become shown faces.  It would be nice if there was a mode whereby existing geometary could not have the face visibility status changed by the system without permission.

I'd really like this to be fixed! :)