Character Creator 3
Issue 6911
Headshot needs to be non-biased - I asked in the beginning if you could add animals like a bear or dog as they have eyes, lips and nostrils and..
I've asked this during a webinar headshot plugin, I believe it was before it was officially released - if it could capture animals - at least for ones that have similarities eyes, nose/nostrils, lips etc

I hope you can make some adjustments/AI training ASAP so animals could be added. Dogs, cats, Giraffe, monkeys, gorillas, rats etc It's understandable that birds might be more difficult an might only be compatible with the new upcoming CC3 characters that allow for better deformation.

AI training shouldn't take much time to create compatibility and is almost certainly guaranteed that you will have a sudden much larger customer base if you make this happen. It would also make it a perfect compliment to your creature creator.

You might need a blur mask automatically generated by the ai to smooth out where there might be Fur and maybe add the option to reduce some density where there is fur so that developers or ai could add it in place of the density.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAscensi