Character Creator 4
Issue 10920
GoZ doubles triangle count
Steps to reproduce issue:
1. Send from CC4 to ZBrush via GoZ.
2. Subdivide the body add some details.
3. Send back to CC4 via GoZ.

Actual Result:
It doubles the triangle count of the body (from 13386 to 26772) and it does not let me update the body, just import it as cloth. acc or prop.

I've tried, clearing the GoZ cache files, deleting the subdivs in ZBrush, but still it gets double.
I made sure that the naming is the same and that I'm on the lowest subdivision level.

Expected Result:
Update the body from ZBrush via GoZ.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byomarandrespico
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi omarandrespico,

Thank you for your feedback.

Can you capture a screen video about this issue?Please put it on the YouTube, and add the link in your next comment.Thanks.

Your help is highly appreciated.

Thanks Ascensi for taking the time to help!
I'm aware of the things that you mentioned, so I decided before reporting the issue to run some simple tests.

One was to just export from CC4 to ZB and move the geometry without subdividing it. The issue remained.
Another one was just to export and reimport without doing anything to the mesh. The issue remained. I then checked the mesh in Blender and it was fine.

Currently I'm exporting from CC4 to Blender, then to ZBrush and back. But is not ideal for something to do this workaround.
Not an employee but I will share 3 possible reasons

1. In your Zbrush plugin list, under "multi map exporter" click on export options, make sure you don't have it set to a higher subdivision level.
2. I know it's not in your stated steps but apparently if you have a mask on your character, then subdivide it breaks it, so best to mask after subdivision.
3. Change of UVs or an vertex count that doesn't match the original will not allow the mesh to be updated but instead give you the option to make it a new cloth etc.  - maybe you tried to send the full sculpt/subdivided mesh back to CC4? this will not allow you to replace/update the mesh.
If you want the extra sculpt details but keep the lowpoly as much as possible then you need to learn how to create displacement maps and then use tessellation levels to match the subdivision level count you used in Zbrush to create your sculpt. 

If you want just the low poly but want the details added to your normal maps to fake bumpiness then you only need to learn how to create normal maps from your high subdivided sculpts, then replace the existing normal maps in CC4.