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Issue 7204
GPU out of memory but only using 15%???
Hello, I have been running into an issue. I bought the RTX 2080 because it renders IRay faster. And it normally works just fine but the past few days I have been running into issues. iClone either crashes when I attempt to render Iray (the iray window starts off black, loads and then iclone crashes)

I have to load the iRay window before I even add to the project and that seems to help prevent crashes but now i'm getting the GPU out of memory warning and CPU rendering takes a day to render. According to my tast manager iclone is only using 15% of my GPU and no other programs are using it so why would I get the GPU memory warning?? I have the realtime settings set to Minimal FYI. I have restated my computer over 5 times as well to see if that would help.
I updated my graphics card drivers too.
I have all RL updates as well.

Please help. I bought this graphics card to speed up the renders and it was working great till now.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byDorothy Jean
Dorothy Jean
How do u change virtual memory and double host ram?
I have a couple of the same cards they're fine.. what you may want to check is if you have smooth mesh by subdivision enabled.. this apparently isn't compatible with Iray and will take forever to render. I've already put in a request to subdivide any model that would need it in the standalone render. Some say there is an issue with glow maps and Iray as well. I can't confirm this.  Reallusion did investigate about the smooth mesh subdivision issue with Iray.. they might update it if there are many of us having issue, you just need to check if that is the problem and report back.

Also I highly recommend setting your virtual memory to 32 GB or double your Host Ram for the hard drive the programs are installed but also any other drive you might load projects from outside iClone.