Character Creator 3
Issue 7157
Freeze on Startup
Every time I start Reallusion Hub and Character Creator, it freezes, becomes unresponsive and I have to kill the app. I have tried:
* Restarting Windows
* Uninstalling and resinstalling
* Running as Admin
* Backward compatibilty
* Updating Nvidia drivers (both Game Ready and Studio)
* Rolling back Nvidia drivers

Nothing is working. The app used to run fine before. I feel this happened after the latest Windows update, but I am unable to roll that back. Kindly help.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byi_943574
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Hi Pavel Strnad,

I want to make sure if the response you received from our technical support has resolved your problem? If not, did you encounter any difficulties and need our help? 

If you have used other methods to solve this problem, you are also welcome to tell us how to solve it. Thank you.

Reallusion Inc.
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Hi Snarp Farkle,

Please update to latest version to see if all these still exist!
Thanks for your help!

Snarp Farkle
Whenever I start up CC3, it takes over 30 minutes to load!

[[On the Laptop]] I have been force quitting CC3, after waiting more than ten minutes lately, (thirty plus minutes is just too long to wait), then restarting it and it loads in about 5 minutes, but I get a popup stating that it "Failed to inital Smart Gallery.  Local database not connected.  Please contact Reallusion Support, error = 6"  (See pic: CC3 LOAD TIME 2).  If I shutdown cc3 and restart it, the Smart Gallery loads just fine.  Only once did I have to uninstall Smart Gallery through the HUB and reinstall it to get it to load with CC3.

I am having the same issue with iC7 so I'm confused as to what may be the problem, iC7 will load after about twelve minutes, (without force quitting it) I'll get the same error popup but not every time, so weird. (See pic: iC7 ERROR). and as with CC3 if I shutdown iC7 and restart it, the Smart Gallery loads just fine.  

Also on the laptop, some times when I shutdown CC3 I get a odd ERROR POPUP that says it had a "referenced memory problem", (See pic: CC3 ERROR2) but once when I was just using the "Iray Preview Render".  (See pic: CC3 ERROR)

[[On the Desktop Computer]] CC3 loads in about eight to twelve minutes and it hasn't given me the error popup for a few days now, but iC7 is still taking thirty plus minutes load and I have to force quit it  then restart it and it loads in about 8 minutes, but I get the popup stating that it "Failed to inital Smart Gallery.  Local database not connected.  Please contact Reallusion Support, error = 6", I then shut down iC7 restart it and Smart Gallery loads just fine. 

If this was just happening on one computer I'd say it's a computer issue, but since it's happening on both computers it must be some Reallusion issue that I can't figure out.
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Hi Snarp Farkle,

Could you please submit a new issue for the CC3 shutdown and "Iray Preview Render" error, and provide system information and crash dump to help us identify this problem.

How to get system information:

Collect crash dump with the following instructions:
1. Open the link below:
2. Save the file "iClone_WER_Setup_mini.reg" to your computer, and double click it to enable log recording.
3. Run Character Creator, do the operation that can crash Character Creator.
4. Once the program crashes, locate the DMP file under: 
5. Upload the DMP file to a cloud storage, e.g. dropbox, google drive. Then share the download link to us.
Note: If you want to disable log recording, just run the "iClone_WER_OFF.reg" the same as in step 2.