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Issue 7931
Found Bug in 3D Exchange Pro While Converting 3D Model into Iclone 7 Format
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While converting 3d model (fbx/obj) into iclone 7 format (i.e Prop to Non Std Character) one of the hand is going out of the box in character profile section due to which mapping can't be possible and hence can't convert it into .iavatar format (Please refer the attached screenshot, highlighted in red) my system is microsoft surface pro 2017, OS - Windows 10 PRO-64 bit and has graphic card Intel HD 620, Direct X-12, i've already uninstall and reinstall the application once, but still result is same.

Also I would like to know, during importing fbx files in 3dexchange, why textures are not included ? Textures need to separately assign or it should come by default ?

Looking for your help on above mentioned issue.

OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAbhi29
Wow !! It worked, Thank you Joanne, for resolving the issue. GDI scaling was the obstacle. Anyways application is working fine now. 

Well I use blender for exporting the FBX files, but got the idea on embedding textures.

Appreciated your help on the concerns & providing solution in quick time. 

Cheers !!

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[ About UI problem ]
Have you tried the application level GDI scaling?
Below is the steps to configure the GDI scaling for 3DX:
1. Right click on the 3DXchange  application icon and click “Properties.”
2. Go over to the “Compatibility” tab
3. Under “Settings”, click on the “Change high DPI settings” (GDI_scaling.png)
4. Under "High DPI scaling override”, check the “Override high DPI scaling behavior”, using the drop-down menu to select to “System” or "System (Enhanced)"
5. Click on "OK", and "OK" to apply the changes
6. Restart 3DXchange and see if there is an improvement. 

Please let me know if you have further questions.

[ About FBX texture files ]

It should be "Embed Texture" checkbox in 3d tools > exporting fbx. (ref. the attached image, in Maya it called "Embed Media")
when you activate Embed Texture, it means that save all textures into the FBX file.
If un-activate this box, you will export one FBX file along with a FBM folder in which the entire texture images are kept. Please make sure the FBM folder is placed with FBX file.
Please try to activate "Embed Texture | Media" , and load it into 3DXchange again.

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