iClone 7
Issue 6534
Focus change in Timeline window affecting key shortcuts
When working in the Timeline window and you select transform of an object you can set keyframes with "A". While still focused on the Transform you can not go back and forth on the frame position. When you then click on the next frame within the Timeline window the focus changes to the camera/preview and shortcuts change to that view even though you only click within the Timeline window. Because of this "A" then changes the camera position and no longer sets a keyframe. I find that not logical and it complicates the workflow when you want to set some keyframes and change the cursor position.
Not sure if others are bothered by this too or if there is some reason/logic behind this behaviour.
For me it would make more sense to leave the focus on the still highlighted Transform rather than switching it to the camera when just working inside that window. Also the arrow keys left/right could be set as shortcuts to change the frame when having the focus on objects in the Timeline window instead of having no function.

Thanks for your consideration!
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byelMartino