iClone 7
Released in 7.7
Issue 5925
Female 02_Basic Walk isn't symmetrical
We all know that Female 02_Basic Walk is horrible, it doesn't loop properly, it raises one foot higher than the other, the hip doesn't pivot the same amount as the other.
It's fine if you want to animate a character that was walking after being stabbed in the leg?

So I took the time to correct it and make it smooth as butter as possible and made files for use in the Motion Puppet Base Profile.

If you want to try it out yourself:
1) Find/go to the Move folder
*custom location*\Template\iClone 7 Template\iClone Template\Preset\Base Motion\Move
2) Download and open the zip and add all 3 files into that folder.
3) When you want to make a female basic walk just go to Motion Puppet Select Move then select 03_Basic Walk.

I haven't figured out how to change the thumbnails size in the Motion Puppet?
How do I do that?
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byDragonskunk