Cartoon Animator 4
Issue 7301
Feature request: Frame rate setting in Project Settings

I would like to see a place in the Project Settings window for setting the project frame rate. As of version 4.3, CA4's frame rate appears to be fixed at 30 fps, but at the animation studio where I work, we always animate at 24 fps.

I realize the frame rate can be manually set when exporting an animation but this isn't the same thing. The process of converting 30 fps animation to 24 fps means frames will be dropped, which is not good for animators (and animation supervisors) expecting to see specific key poses.

At the moment, I'm using CA4 on a personal project, while unofficially evaluating it for use where I work. Adding this feature helps make it more likely that our department can consider adding CA4 to our pipeline.

Thanks for listening guys!
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byGreenlaw
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I agree, this is quite important. At this stage Cartoon Animator is quite mature software and becomes more and more attractive for more than just fun and hobby projects. Things like framerate for timeline are pretty basic settings. Lack of this feature is a deal breaker for more serious work.
This is really  a very important feature! It should be added to CA asap.
You can simply apply your desired frame rate at the time of rendering without any problem even its also possible after exporting it to after effects
dont know why you guys have issue with it. :)
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Greenlaw - I agree, 24 frames for the cinema. I work for television and in Europe the television works 25 frames / 1 sec.
It is a pity that this program does not have an option to set the number of frames
100% agree.  This is one of my top 5 issues.
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