Character Creator 4
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Issue 9245
Failed to Export Non-Standard Characters to Blender & UE
Steps to reproduce the problem:
1. Import a non-standard FBX character as a Prop (Drag and drop into CC4 Viewer)
2. Select File/Export/FBX/All (Character/Prop/Camera)
3. Set Export Window as follows:
a. Target Tool Preset: BLENDER
b. FBX Options: MESH
c. Prefix/Suffix: I did not amend
d. Embedded Textures: CHECKED
e. Max Texture Size: UNCHECKED
f. Convert Image Format to: UNCHECKED
4. Default Pose: I did not amend
5. Bake Diffuse and Specular maps...: CHECKED
6. Use Subdivided Mesh: UNCHECKED

1. Progress bar appears and progresses to 98%
2. In about 1 minute popup appears advising:
"Character Creator has stopped working.
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available".
3. I then click select "Close Program" and CC4 closes.
4. FBX File is created with data.
5. An empty .json is created.
6. I am able to import the FBX file into Blender.

Expected Results,
1. New FBX file is created with its corresponding .json file.
2. Can import into Blender.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bypolitechm
Hi Tina, 
The update to CC4.2 seemed to have addressed the exporting issue. Not whether you found a bug/defect and fixed it, but thanks!  

So far so good :)

Kind regards, Max.
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi politechm

Thanks for your feedback.
Unfortunately, we can't reproduce the issue in our environment.
Could you please try to update the program to CC4.2 and export the same character again?
Make sure the file path has permission to be written.
If the problem persists, please take a screen video and upload it to Youtube or net drive and post the link to us.

Thank you for your patient.