Cartoon Animator 4
Released in 4.3
Issue 7082
Facial Animation Setup settings are always changed to the initial setting
Step to reproduce issue:
1. Go to composer mode
2. Open Facial Animation Setup
3. Operate (for example, deforming the right eyebrow)
4. Lanch PSD editor
5. Operate (for example, move the bone appropriately by 1px)
6. Save in PSD editor
7. Open Facial Animation Setup

Actual Result:
The settings of Facial Animation Setup are always changed to the initial setting.

Expected Result:
Facial Animation Setup settings are maintained.
Should only return to the initial state when the user explicitly presses a button.
The behavior of the default setting is not the behavior of the clear button.
Apart from the clear button, you may need to create a new default button.

Additional information:
Since all settings are erased by PSD editing, the functions related to Facial Animation Setup that you implemented with great effort are worthless to the user.
This is sad for both implementation developers and users.
OS: Mac OS 10.15
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