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Issue 8459
FBX Export Clothed Character Main UI Button Calls Export Function From CC3 and Create .fbxkey files.

The FBX export Character Clothed main UI button calls the export function From CC3 and Create .fbxkey files. The FBX export functionality works properly when using the File->Export-FBX Menu. Also, the CC4 documentation page show show the export options of CC3 and not CC4, there are missing new export options such as Current Animation and also no mention/documentation about the Mesh and Expression Sequence option. I did not test all the other Main UI Export buttons (USD, Obj), so I would recommend testing all of them to verify that they don't create the same issue.

This was tested using the CC4 Camilia Facial Demo project.

Note 1: this bug only happens if you export a character with the FBX format inside a folder that already contains another exported Obj mesh for Substance Painter. It seems to be working properly when FBX exporting inside an empty folder.

Note 2 :After more testing while writing this bug report I can't reproduce it anymore. But what I have described, definitively happened at the beginning, the files exported created a .fbxkey file. So I am not sure what's going on and how I ended up having this issue when exporting from CC4 using the main UI Export FBX button. Hopefully this information will help you tracking down this bug.

Thank you.
OS: Windows 10
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Thanks for your feedback!
Did you mean CC didn't export fbxkey after fbx file exported?
According to your attached image, you had selected Current Animation, this selection will change the first frame of animation to other pose but t pose(bind pose).
So, with our spec that won't generate a fbx key.
If you want to generate a fbxkey, you can choose "mesh only" or "mesh and expression sequence" or "mesh and motion - calibration"
Hope this answer will help.