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Issue 7229
Eye Issues - iClone to Unreal
Issue: Iris appears horizontally squished after- import to Unreal.

I was able to correct this issue by disabling/unchecking the "Iris Normal Map" within Unreal. I'm not sure if this is the correct fix, but wanted to see what you take on this is as it seems that this is enabled on Auto Import.

Issue: Ray tracing does not seems to be working well with the imported eyes. With Ray Tracing checked in Unreal, the tear line and occulsions need to have "cast shadows" disabled to appear the correct brightness. The eyes are too dark and do not respond to lens focus in Unreal if "cast shadows" is left checked.
OS: Windows 10
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I am having this same issue (eyes too dark in Unreal). Needs to be addressed. Have you tried asking about this in the Forum? I was waiting for an answer on a question posted in Feedback Tracker about why the CC3 subdivision does not export to Unreal, and it took 10 months for someone to finally write and say that there was an answer in the Forum. They were kind of a jerk about it too. My point is that I'm not sure Reallusion actually posts answers in the Feedback Tracker.
For CC3 originated hair, I disabled ray trace in Unreal and it looks much better rendered.
If you click into the asset within Unreal, you’ll see the various elements  of the eye, including the tear line, etc. scroll down to the LOD section and you’ll see the “cast shadow” check box that needs to be disabled. This helps the brightness, but sadly the occlusion is needed to bring back the realistic reflectivity. So, I’m still working on how to get this looking right.
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