Character Creator 3
Issue 6219
Extremely Slow Sculpting Issue - The max intensity should allow to go up to 3-4 times more
It takes hours if not days to make major changes/fixes. I click several times and most of the time small changes happen. It's odd though, sometimes when up close or depending on the angle things change. I'm mostly swapping between the smooth and pull mode. Is it really pull? or is it addition? It would be awesome to have a pull/stretch brush that you grab with the mouse and let go.

I do have zbrush but I need to smooth/sculpt out the model with different poses and unfortunately we can't send poses to zbrush then send them back in that same pose.

I hope you can push an update for this quickly instead of a quarterly update, projects may not get completed by deadlines.

Lastly please add a optional mode to hide wireframe when sculpting!

Update: The slowness was due to the model having smooth subdivisions.. if the developers put an cap on speed in regular mode I hope they will refine it when working at different subdivision levels.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAscensi
Other programs use different smoothing options for hi-res models.. Zbrush for example includes an additional smooth brush called "smooth stronger". So my suggestion is to add a stronger smooth level when switching to higher subdivisions.