Character Creator 4
Issue 11092
Expression Wrinkles don't anti-alias/mipmap in realtime preview window
You just closed out a bug report, where you've misunderstood the problem:

I apparently don't have the option to reopen that bug report. So I'm reporting it again.

The issue is not that the skin looks more "wrinkly", as Molly interpreted as she closed the previous issue. The issue is that the wrinkles themselves do not support the anti-aliasing system. This was confirmed by Peter on the forums ( who wrote:

"The problem occurs because the wrinkle system doesn't support mipmap in the realtime preview window. This means that at certain distances you may notice some noise. However, this shouldn't affect the final render which should not have this issue."

So, please reopen the other issue, to confirm you've noted the actual problem here.

Why does this issue matter? It matters because the lack of anti-aliasing on the wrinkles caused me to believe something was seriously wrong with the application of wrinkles to my characters. I thought I had the wrong settings for wrinkles, because it was causing such a significant amount of noise.

If you don't plan to fix this (by adding mipmaps to the wrinkles), then fine. But I want to make sure the actual issue is known, and that the original issue isn't closed for the wrong reason.
OS: Windows 11
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