Character Creator 3
Released in 3.31
Issue 6988
Export to Blender results in disconnected, misoriented bones and non-deleted hidden faces.
My goal: To export CC3 characters (converted to Game Base) to Blender (v. 2.83) for touch-up, then to Unity.

My steps (screenshots attached below): I create a character in CC3 (v. 3.22), then convert it to Game Base. I put it in "0_T Pose" and export "FBX (Clothed Character)" with either "Current Pose" selected, or "custom" with the "0_T Pose" as the only listed motion. I choose Blender preset, and also "Delete Hidden Faces." When I import to Blender with default Blender settings, no hidden faces are removed (the whole body is still there) and the bones are unconnected and pointing in crazy directions. Also, there seems to be extra, unwanted bones in the arms and legs--pointing forward on one side of the body, and backward on the other. I thought they may have been residual IK target bones, but they are actually "skinned" to the body parts and deform the mesh (not sure what to do with them).

My expectation: That the character would have hidden faces deleted, and the armature would be oriented correctly, without extra bones (e.g. I expect two bones in each arm or leg, not four).
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byNinjaMouse
Update 3: RL plans to have this issue fixed in the next update (3.3.1), aiming for late August, 2020.
Update 2: The bug that makes the bones go crazy when a CC3 character is converted to Game Base and exported to Blender remains in the new 3.3 update, and affects the new Base-Plus character.  RL has identified what is causing it, and notes that it will be fixed in an upcoming update, but couldn't fix it in time for the 3.3 release.  As of the time of this post, RL has not indicated an estimate of when the update will occur.  I am hopeful it will be soon.  There is no bug concerning removing hidden mesh as mentioned in the original title, as this was my misunderstanding of the mechanics of the "remove hidden mesh" feature.  I'll update with further news if I hear any.
Update: For anyone following this issue, is seems I spoke too soon.  Looks like the bug persists in 3.22.  An RL member is aware of the issue (and looking into it), but the source is still unknown.  Some people experience the issue, but some don't, even on version 3.22.  Not yet clear what the common denominator is between those who experience the bug and those who don't.  I'll update the feedback thread if I hear any news.
Thank you.  I see that hidden faces are, indeed, deleted correctly.  I misunderstood how the feature worked (I am a novice CC3 user).  I thought the process was automatic.  My apologies for wasting your time.  I assume the new version of CC3 will be out soon (with the new base character plus) and will export to Blender properly.  Thanks for the response!
Regarding bones orientation, it looks like a bug in the latest CC v3.22

Luke has tested and confirmed there is no problem, however he was testing CC v3.21
Please see the thread:

Hidden faces are deleted as far as I tested though