Character Creator 3
Released in 3.4
Issue 7297
Essential Clothing pack breaks a saved file
Hello, using upper-body assets of the Essential Clothing pack such as a T-shirt or Coat causes problems with the file after it is saved and re-accessed.

Steps to recreate (happens every single time for me)

1. Create a CC3+ character (or use the avatar for quick)
2. Put on a top. Apply skin weights (may be optional?)
3. Save the file and close CC3
4. Load CC3 and access the file
5. You'll see the character is now a mess.

How to resolve until next load:
1. Locate clothing in Modify / Outfits
2. Delete
3. Possible to add the same clothing again from contents section.

I have attached a video to show this (please ignore the audio, I forgot sound would be recorded).

At first, I have CC3 open already. I open an adult male with a T-shirt applied. As you can see, it is a mess.
Then, I delete the T-shirt, and everything seems okay again.

Then I open a boy with a hoodie. I make the mistake f trying to rotate him, and he disappears forever. This is common.

I re-open the file, and display the problems again. I also highlight the inconsistencies that happen even when undoing an action.

Here I attach a link to Google Drive because although it says below I can attach a .rar file, in fact I cannot.

I hope this displays the issue thoroughly enough.

Kind regards, Zack
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byZack .

This happens to me too. I re-installed the essential clothing pack, but that did not help.
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If you have not reinstalled the pack since it was purchased, go ahead and reinstall the Essential Clothing pack.
Hi Zack,

Can you provide your project to us to help us identify the problem? Please attach the file in your next comment. If the file size is larger than 10MB, you can use cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive to make the files available to us and put the link in your comment. You can use Private Comment if you want to keep it private. Your help is highly appreciated.