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Issue 5700
Dynamic ports/IP addresses used by Rellusion products (iClone and Character Creator)
I downloaded iClone and Character Creator on a laptop (it meets the system requirements) at work through my IM department. I have been unable to log into either program at work but was able to access both with the same laptop at home.

After some investigation, our IT department identified the following issue:

I have run some tests and it looks like the program is using a range of dynamically generated ports to connect to and from when opening the Reallusion hub. I have discussed this with colleague and if we can get a complete list from Reallusion of the below information we should be able to rectify the problem. The list should include not only the information for the Reallusion Hub but also the iClone software if it differs from the Hub’s destination ranges.

• Destination Host Name/IP address
• Port Number
• Protocol (UDP/TCP)

I will include below the list of connections created by the application when it was first run to give you an example of what I need. Please keep in mind the Destination can either be an address like or (for example).

Reallusion have since confirmed they are running dynamic port range protocol using either (TCP port 80 or 443) this information is not that useful to my IT department.

Anyone have any ideas how we can progress? I'm not getting very far with the current ticket I've logged with support.

OS: Windows 10
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  •  2022
Submitted byeharfouch