Character Creator 4
Issue 8453
Digital Human Shader for more than just Standard CC Avatars
I find it incredibly strange that I can't assign the Digital Human Shader to non-standard avatars
This was touted as one of the main benefits of CC4 allowing non-standard avatars in the forums, but it was left out of the actual development

Aside from non-standard avatars, we should be able to add it to props, clothing, and accessories as well. It would be very useful when creating non-human characters
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Submitted byender570
@Reallusion CC4 is not a "Universal Character Creator if you don't allow the same opportunities for the non-standard characters. Yes, it can make customization a bit more difficult for the inexperienced user but if you don't want to support the headaches, then please at least enable them and call them "unsupported experimental features"

This applies to:
 *Digital Human Shader, Digital Human Eye
* Spring joints allowed on either any bone or extra bones created from an external program, 
*Cloned Bone Hierarchies that users should be able to make as presets and switch to them in iC8 for mocap, edit motion layer, puppeteering, foot correction etc  -- I understand this would be a completely new feature but at least if it was added you can see how much focus creators put into it before making it known as a major feature.
You can at least assign the SSS shader,  create your own RGBA color maps to influence SSS etc

@4u2ges I hear HIK will be getting an update to have it's own cloth, Cloth file transfer so we could import a CC3 model, save the eye weights, detach the eyes and save them, import the eyes on your own model and import the weights and it should work on any HIK character.
I second that! There should be a way to apply DHS skin/eyes to non-standard characters.