iClone 7
Issue 3974
Daz Extension does not map
However, while all the morphs come over to 3DXchange, none are "Set" in the Expression Editor (except for the head and eye movements that 3DXchange creates automatically). I have to manually Set all Visemes, Muscles, etc.

Steps to reproduce
1. Add Genesis3_Female_iCloneFaceKey.duf to Genesis 3 character in DAZ Studio 4.9
2. Export DAZ FBX (including Figures, Morphs, and animations)
3. Import FBX into 3DXchange
4. Convert to non-standard
5. Open in Expression Editor and attempt to check Visemes, Muscles, etc.

Expected outcome
1. All morphs are applied to character

Actual Outcome
1. Visemes, Jaw, Muscles morphs are not applied in Expression editor

When I use Genesis 8 it works just fine, but Genesis 3 duf will not work for me, I have tried it with several characters. I placed the Morphs in the suggested place. Please help. I just bought a bunch of gen 3 characters just so that I could covert them. Thank you.
OS: Windows 7
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  •  2019
Submitted byTenderspirit
Admin:  I am not sure what I did but I solved the problem.  Thank you for trying to help.  I moved all my origional genesis 3 and 8 to My Daz 3 Library,  they were in another folder that I install a bunch of stuff for Daz.  Not sure if that
is what fixed it or not. LOL  But they seem to work now. :>)  Thank you for trying to help. Hugs
In Daz when I slide through the timeline, only in the first few I get eye wink etc, then I get nothing only on 70 I get the mouth open.  I put my setting to 1 fps, and had a total of 81.  

When I export to 3Dxchange7  and check the expressions there are no viseme except the 0.

I did all the updates that were available.

My address is
C:\Users\Public\Documents\My DAZ 3D Library\data\DAZ 3D\Genesis 3\Female\Morphs\Reallusion\Facial Expression Data

I am going to bed shortly I will check back later tomorrow for any answers.
Thank you for your help. Hugs
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Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi Tenderspirit,

1. Did Expression Data in Facial Expression Data folder?

2. When you drag timeline in Daz,did morph slider vaule change?
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