Character Creator 4
Released in 4.41
Issue 10755
DHS parameters for skin would disappear while using paint-bucket
This is actually a bug report and a request.


If you currently attempt to paint-bucket a skin DHS to cloth with SSS shader, the DHS parameters would disappear from the materials panel and the only way to get them back, is to restart CC (I have not tested that in iClone, but I suspect it's the same).
Please see video:


It would be great to have an ability to transfer skin DHS to other objects. In this instance I was working on creating an amputee arm made as a cloth and needed to have a complete blend with the arm. I was not able to match it with SSS. But amazingly, If I duplicate arm mesh in Blender (with pipeline), separate it, deform/sculpt it and retain original material, it would come back to CC with skin DHS and the match would be perfect (although it says DH Hair, it is actually a skin DHS). Please see screenshots.

But the problem is, that this is not supported and if I apply the amputee arm cloth to other character, the mesh would match, but the shader needs to be reassigned. As I mention in the bug section, if I use a paint-bucket from the Arm material, it would not transfer correctly, parameters would disappear and I have to restart CC to get them back. My only way is to replace each texture manually and then if necessary replicate countless parameters between shaders.

The other instance, is when I use CC3+ head and attach it to some dissimilar body in Blender. I am able to get it back as Humanoid to CC and have Extended face profile reinstated with a few clicks, but the DHS for the head/eyes/eye occlusion/tear-line/teeth is gone and there is no way to apply it to DHS. Again there is an SSS, but it is not as accurate as head DHS and there is too much work to build it, while applying saved head material for instance would take a snap.

And then.. yes.. a human genitalia. There is no way to match it perfectly with the rest of the skin without applying a DHS to it.

So please consider allowing such material transfer for Cloth and Humanoids.
OS: Windows 10
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