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Issue 6168
Curve Editor shows only first Clip Time range when Project Time is selected
When editing animation curves in the Curve Editor plugin, it only shows the time range of the first clip instead of the entire time range of the project despite Time being set to Project Time. Changing this setting to Clip Time and then back to Project Time also does nothing. As a result I can only edit curves for the first clip, but never the second or third, etc...

Notice in the attached screenshot the curve editor range ends at 300 even though the actual current frame is 644 and Time is set to Project Time. It also makes no difference which Clip is selected if Time is set to Clip Time. The range is always locked to the first clip (frames 0-300).

Please fix.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byDialogueTrainer
Hi Molly,

It seems to happen consistently with every project, with different characters. It only refreshes the Curve Editor range to the currently selected clip when you switch between Tree View and List View.
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi DialogueTrainer,

Did it happen every time or in some project?

Some additional detail:

If you move the first clip the Curve Editor range will move with it showing absolute project time or clip time depending on the setting.

If you select a different clip in the timeline it continues to show only the first clip range UNLESS you change the Curve Editor from List View to Tree View or vice versa. Doing this refreshes the clip selection and shows the range for the currently selected clip. Needless to say this refresh should happen immediately when you select a clip, NOT when you change view settings.

It appears there is no way at all to show the range of multiple clips at the same time in the Curve Editor.