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Issue 6424
Critical - add the option to change smoothing/displacement levels in the stand alone render -animations can take days to export with smoothing
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A major Tip for Reallusion that will relieve a lot of frustration for users working with IRAY for Animation (this is absolutely critical) is that if you can add an option in the stand alone render to have subdivision levels increased/decrease for any object/character.

We have insanely slow exports to use with the stand alone Renderer.. it could take up to a couple days just to export a 500 frame project that has displacement where as when using Indigo Renderer displacement could be enabled and adjusted in the Indigo program once exported and we would only have to wait for the Rendering only.

So while we initially think it's very easy to work with IRAY, it's a false positive because it's another major level of project delay just waiting for the Renders and a seat to be free. IRAY makes Indigo Render look fast in comparison when using displacement!

So please Reallusion fix this asap!!

I will also add that when exporting heavy projects with mesh smoothing any displacement over 1x will cause iClone to crash.
My work around with Indigo is to enable smoothing but set displacement to 0 and then once exported increase the level of displacement -otherwise if you export with displacement levels high from iClone exporting will feel like it's taking forever or as if iCone froze.

I have 32 GB of host ram, 1 RTX 2080 Ti with 2 GTX 970s, i7 4GHz and SSDs, I can only imagine the frustration others are going through that often will have more than half that.
OS: Windows 10
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It seems disabling the option performance VS Quality in iClone preference actually disables Iray Reandering in iClone.. it just hangs loading. Enabling it again allows it to build the render and  seems to have made it load slightly quicker.
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When looking in the task manager there doesn't seem to be any activity with any/all my GPU(s) on the Standalone Render. They were working together in iClone to render single frames.
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Another user has found inconsistencies with exporting smooth mesh by subdivision creating inconsistent vertex/Face counts
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Thank you for your feedback. It's already been fixed in the current version. (7.7)
Also during export to Iray Standalone iClone's minimal mode doesn't export the smooth mesh by subdivision unless the user has first enabled smooth mesh and or displacement map in preferences - Real time Render options. So while iClone min mode is discussed in docs and tutorials It's not mentioned that if the user wants to export with displacement or smooth mesh it's important in to enable it first in the Real time Render options.

I think that when min mode is used, the user can set an override in the modify tab for subdivision or displacement to enable it when in iClone min mode.. it's just more intuitive.. you don't have any tutorials or docs about needing to enable these settings for exporting to Iray Standalone and having the settings hidden away, people may not know what they are looking for to fix exporting of sub-dived content and will keep questioning support.
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