iClone 7
Released in 7.01
Issue 3401
Create Primitive Shape Options in iClone 7 Have Disappeared
As of 7/5/2017 Lists only Taurus, Cone, and Floor. Cylinder, Box, and Sphere are gone, they were working, can recall, as late as 2 days ago (7/3/2017), but have no projects where I saved the created shapes specifically to view whether shapes are still present in those scenes.
Any ideas what gives? Is there an install folder I could look at? Thx!
OS: Windows 7
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Submitted byTonyDPrime
I never tried any further action as far as uninstalling and the re-installing.  But, following the update to 7.01, it did 'fix' my missing shapes!  
I have all of them back :)

Sorry for not following up sooner! 
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Uninstall iClone 7 will not affect the contents separately installed by content pack or downloader, so you might want to keep the name of the old folder as it's original name, and make a backup (copy) of your old folder for safety, then re-install iClone 7 to let the embed content merge with your previous installed content, and see if it will solve this problem?

Best regards,
I have an update.  Because of another issue involving slowdown (separate bug I will detail outside of this report), I uninstalled and reinstalled iClone 7.  To protect the template/content folder I was using ("OLD") I renamed it, so that I could switch back without the install affecting the said existing folders.  
Iclone 7 install ocurred fine and created a new template/content folder ("NEW").
What I found with the new install was I again had all 6 primitive create shapes, so I assumed the reinstall fixed the issue.
To regain my full content I went back and linked the OLD folder to iClone 7 by switching the folder names.  What I then found was that the shapes were gone again.  
I could switch back and forth between the NEW and OLD, and it would predictably affect whether the 'missing' primitive shapes were available again.  

I then looked in each folder, in the props sub-directory in Template,  and found that NEW folder had a "sphere_000.iprop" that the OLD folder did not.  I then copied the  sphere_000.iprop from NEW to OLD, and then when using the OLD folder, the create primitive > sphere was available again!

I then looked for the other 2 missing shapes, box and cylinder.  But I found no "box_000.iprop" or "cylinder_000.iprop" as I imagined I might, since the "_000" was at the end of the missing sphere instance.  So I created a copy of "box_001.iprop" and "cylinder_001.iprop", and I renamed them to "box_000.iprop" or "cylinder_000.iprop", thinking the create primitive dialogue might be looking for those, but no luck.  I then copied the entire 3DBlocks from the NEW folder to th OLD folder to see if that would the trick, but no luck.
It was just weird that I was able to fix it for the instance of the sphere...

Any ideas?

BTW - this is not a bug, but a folder arrangement issue apparently, although I have no idea what happened to the OLD folder that made it lose the sphere_000.iprop...I have brought a lot more content into it from my even older iClone 6 folder, but I don't know.  Maybe if there is a way I could be sent the actual cylinder and box iprop that are known to be the active shapes that serve as the reference for the create primitive dialogue that would be great, or maybe there is a different one located somewhere else?  Maybe an update could be set to have them be reinstalled if the go missing...

Anyway, F&*%#!  LOL...


I have all six categories present. See screenshot.
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Thank you for your feedback.

The template contents should be installed in this folder if you didn't change it during installation:
C:\Users\Public\Documents\Reallusion\Template\iClone 7 Template\iClone Template

And those primitives should be in "\Props\3D Blocks" under the folder above mentioned.

If those iProp files are there, but you can't see it in iClone Content Manager, please let us know.