iClone 7
Issue 3895
Crashing on Startup and while rendering videos its corrupting the boot sector
Every time I try rendering the video from iclone, it is crashing my system by giving BSOD critical process stopped error.

It was corrupting the boot sector, I had to go into recovery mode and use command prompt to fix boot sector, only then will the computer start.

This started happening after I updated iclone to the latest patch.

Also after every bootup, whenever I try to run iclone, the first time it will crash.

I am uploading both the dump and log files accordingly.

I have reinstalled my graphics drivers as well, no effect.

Have also sought help in the forums, I thought it was happening due to a spotlight I added but the crash is recurring every time I try to render the same scene with different animation sequence.

Before the update, I have rendered many animations of the same scene without any problems.

I am unable to pinpoint what exactly is causing the issue in my scene.

If I render any animation without my scene and gi and dof settings, it doesn't crash.

Here is the scene link on dropbox and if for some reason it crashes your computer, go to recovery mode using windows bootable disk, enter command prompt with repair > advanced options and type bootrec /fixmbr. then bootrec /fixboot.

Hope you guys can help me out
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byFamekrafts
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Hi, Famekrafts,

If your system is rather stable right now, I will then close this issue.

Hi, raxel_67,

Thanks for your comment.

Well I removed my graphic drivers installed new ones and defragged my system and it is quite working fine right now. In future, I will keep your points in mind.