iClone 7
Released in 7.2
Issue 3668
Crash on launch when laptop is plugged to a dock
Tried this,

Feedback Tracker Admin Nov 20, 2017
Hi, James,

You might want to try follow the instructions here to manually assign iClone and Character creator to run with the independent display card, your GTX 1070, that might be able to let you use iClone and your USB Dock at the same time.


But it still crashes, noticed that one comment using a AMD card removed the game function on the card?
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byjscowcroft
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Thanks for the update! Yes it did fix the issue. As a workaround I had unplugged the one HDMI monitor from the dock and plugged directly to the laptop and that worked as well. But this is much better Thanks for the early Xmas Present! Merry Christmas!
Hi jscowcroft,

iClone 7.2 is released yesterday, it should fix your problem.

Please let us know if it still doesn't works

Thank you

Hi jscowcroft,

Sorry for the late reply,  connecting the display via docks is considered as "indirect display" by Windows 10, and it uses the Intel GPU.
But iClone requires NVIDIA or AMD GPU.
So the currently it is the Windows behavior, not the Dock's capability.

iClone will try to skip the Intel GPU and uses the NVIDIA GPU in the next release. Hopefully it solves your problem.

Thank you for the follow up. When we purchased these laptops we had requested new docks as well. Was wondering if you can tell from the specs of this one would it work with iClone 7. Trying to get this figured out so I can upgrade 4 other artists with the software and hardware. Not exactly sure what I would be looking for in the specs. Thks
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