iClone 7
Issue 8260
Content License Status
With the Smart Gallery why not make the packs/items show what the type of license the user has like this(images attached)?
When I first started with Iclone I was like I was going to do everything in iClone so didn't see the purpose at the time for an Export License. (Forgive me I was a Noob...still am). Later one my thoughts changed and I got the Export license for most things I felt I would most likely want to be able to export out. However, I don't always remember which item that is. From my search I don't see something like that offered.

Then to have a filter option to only show items you have an Export License for: (search filter image)

Then when a person goes to export something that they don't have a license for while working the message could be a bit more descriptive. (image attached of verbaige).

Maybe they don't want to upgrade, they would know the item they have to remove

I mean maybe it will be like this in iClone 8. But I felt that those little things could be helpful to a user.

This can be done in Character Creator as well.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted by3dSphinx
I’m in a similar situation and I was about to submit the same suggestion.
I’m doing some tests with Omniverse and that would really help 👍