iClone 7
Issue 8291
Clothes should not have slots anymore
I think in Iclone 8, it would be better if clothes simply had conform number slots attached to them. They should work like the way the smart hair does now, in that the software simply asks you whether you want to replace it or not (and it would be super handy if you can still move around clothing even after it's on the mesh and weighted like the way the (hair base/all slot works).

When you have large clothing libraries it's super annoying to keep track of what items end up replacing each other. And when people buy new clothing content-- there's no consistency in how other users end up ranking their clothing slots.

There's just no reason in my opinion as to why the clothing system needs numerical ranks. Just let users throw as many clothes as they want on without them having to worry about it
OS: Windows 11
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Submitted bydavidmaximo