Character Creator 3
Issue 7972
Character Creator 4 Essentials & Extra
In the Skin weight Editor
* Ability to select multiple bones at once and mirror them to them to the other side
* Ability to scrub calibration animation (it's hard to see and paint around legs or arms if sitting down, you are forced to exit the editor, change the pose then enter it again. (Simple animation player)
*(BUG) weights don't always get mirrored when applying mirror left or right option. Is this because of a pose a character might be in before launching the skin weight tool?

In the Mesh Editor
*You have the ability to hide wireframe view, please provide the option to hide it in sculpt mode. It's very hard to see how smooth a surface is when sculpting with wireframe on. No sculping programs that I've ever heard of force you to see wireframe and is also avoided in programs like Zbrush.

For creating posters & still image portfolios
*look at camera or object would be very helpful
*a simple animation player would be good to get poses of character and other FBX imports.

SkinGen Premium
*The ability to add displacement maps and or duplicate normal maps to be used as displacement maps with proper pixel axis shifting rather than just layering normal maps. I've made a thorough post about SkinGen about what is causing cracks in characters with displacement and you have almost everything built into CC3 to make it happen

Overtime I'll likely add to this list.
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Submitted byAscensi
*Return mesh Goz Dialogue & check box "is iClone animation morph" or "is Bakeable morph" from existing sculpt or takes the name from an active layer.
*Ability to send cloth back with multi material groups/UVs rather than merging them into one UV ( in multi map exporter under export mesh, you need to enable "Grp") FBX and OBJs export with UVs intact, so should Goz for more complex accessories or cloth.

Update: For Creating Posters & Still Image Portfolios
*Automated Pupil Reaction From Light Sources With Gentle Squint Morphs
*Bridge for Cartoon Animator stage to show within CC3 stage with functions to scrub CTA 2D animation to grab ideal stills (this also applies for iClone but additionally to sync animations

Developer Specific
*Strict Developer Mode option to Automatically hide system wide derivative Content
*The weight map painter could be converted to a plugin that can exist in iClone & CTA for Physics Texture Painting directly on the model with texture bake. To get details, highest subdivision or tessellation with a displacement texture active should be used to create Physics weight maps.