Character Creator 3
Issue 8346
Certain Video Tutorials too fast and bad audio
Going through the HEADSHOT VIDEO turorials , the main guy provides excellent audio and can be understood quite well even for non english customers (at least me). Against that certain videos (example: Headshot Plug-in Tutorial - Advanced Eye Editing - by 3Dtest ) are simply BAD.
VERY Bad audio like someone is speaking from a toilet bowl, besides that i was not able to reproduce one single step because the video ran way too fast and the guy seemed to use Hotkeys instead of mousopointers for certain actions which turned out in (example) suddenly appearing a mask grid, and if you forgot at this point how to enable that, you need to either find out yourself for hours or go through other Tuts first before you head on here which can be very annoing. These videos are completely worthless . The guy that you hear in most of the other Tutorials performs 1000% better.
Thank you
OS: Windows 7
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Submitted byK_Digital