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Issue 7719
Cannot remove a duplicate CC3 Hivewire Teaser Pack in CC3.4 update
Steps taken:
1. Upgraded to CC3.4 from a clean install of CC3.3
2. Opened CC3.4
3. Synced the Smart Gallery
4. Found 2 copies of CC3 Hivewire Teaser Pack but one is not authorised for my login.
5. Duplicate version cannot update content and gives the error box.
6. Cannot remove the duplicate.
7. See screenshot image uploaded below.

Please can you advise me how to remove or delete this duplicate. It looks like a bug because I had a clean install of CC3.3 with only one copy of the CC3 Hivewire Teaser Pack.

*Also it is only possible to select 3.32 as the latest CC3 product version in the drop down menu at the top of this page.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byEuropafilms
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi ZenMuse

Thanks for the feedback.
Please try the hotfix:

Please read the "HowTo.txt" in the .zip before updating.
And if you keep the Smart Gallery in Offline mode when updating to CC3.4/IC7.9.
The hotfix install flow should be:
1. Switch the Smart Gallery to Online mode.
2. Close program
3. Run the Hotfix .bat
4. Open the program and click Refresh manually.

If it's not work, please login the account which installed this pack and run hotfix again

Please feel free to contact us if issue still exists
Thank you