CrazyTalk 8
Issue 2114
CRASH halfway through Face Fitting (Sierra)
So frustrating. I have frontal/profile PNGs (incl. alpha). Each is 1280px height x 1176px width. Each time I try to create a 3D character via the Face Fitting step-through CrazyTalk8 crashes. I have completely uninstalled my earlier installation of the app and reinstalled from scratch - made no difference.
OS: Mac OS X 10.11
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Submitted byHowardV
Can you guys who are having crash issues, please find your Windows error reporting and do a screen grab of said issue?    This may go a long way at helping our techs find this issue.

Go to your Admin tools/event viewer and find the "Application" event log and seek out the error (red icons) for the CT crash.  Take a screen shot of it, and place it here if you don't mind.   I'm doing a bit of digging too in an effort to find the issue.

Thanks all
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I just purchased CTPro8 and I am having the SAME crashing experiences.  I have already send information into tech including screen grabs of the software errors and well as the Windows event error.    I have heard nothing back about this exceapt update my drivers, my windows, my this and my that, which I will NOT do.   Anyone here remember the windows 8 to 8.1 fiasco ?   Well, I'm not interested in any of that thank you.  My machine is running MANY OTHER softwares without issue....   the problem is with CT not my system.

In MY situation, I have nothing much to send, as I can't get through a session long enough to produce one.    I really love this software when it's working and I hope you guys can figure this out.  This software was purchased for a gig and in as much as I have CT5 experience, I figured I could pull it off.   But as of this point I'm going to use V5 for the job and am hoping I don't have to return my purchase for 8.    Please guys, look into this issue.


OS: Windows 7
I am having a similar problem, just an hour into buying the Standard version of Crazy talk 8.

honestly guys, this software seems really impressive, especially the youtube demos however, I have since uncovered a lot of reports similar to this of the app crashing.

This occurs on the second step of create actor, when clicking next after a face fitting.

needless to say, i do crop the image to select the face area as the first step of creating an actor, that step works fine, but once i have fitted the face and click next, its goodbye app.
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Feedback Tracker Admin
Thank you for your feedback.

Could you describe it in a step by step procedure, and indicate that CrazyTalk 8 crash on which step. Please also provide a set of frontal/profile files to us, so that we can trace the cause.

You can use cloud services such as Dropbox or OneDrive to make the file available to us and email the link to

Your help is highly appreciated.