Character Creator 4
Issue 8740
CC4 iray plugin animation timeline issue
Hi y'all,

i ran into a bug in CC4 with the iray renderer..
the iray preview window does not update the pose of the character when i move the timeline slider (note: auto-update is turned on)
note that iray preview in CC8 does the correct thing

here are the steps to reproduce:

open CC4
create a character... ie CC4 Camille or use the camilla facial demo sample project
add a motion to it like "female posing" (facial demo already has motion)
open iray window and let it render
then move the animating slide to the middle (ie frame 731)...... CC4 updates it's viewport with the new pose... but nothing happens in iray window
move the camera in CC4... iray re-renders with the new camera viewpoint but the pose is the same one as before instead of the one in the CC4 viewport

see attached image how the CC4 viewport and iray preview window have a different facial pose (this is from the camilla facial demo sample project that came with cc4)

also.. just noticed:
what happened to the eyebrows and nose lighting in the iray preview window ??
i do not remember having this issue last week when i was on CC 4.01 (just updated yesterday to 4.02)

OS: Windows 7
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Submitted bysquirrely