Character Creator 4
Released in 4.3
Issue 9248
CC4 Crashing when using the Blender Pipeline Import Character Plugin
Steps to reproduce:

1. Created character in CC4
2. Navigate to Plugins > Blender Pipeline > Export Character to Blender
3. Altered Mesh and materials in Blender
4. Saved project in Blender and exported FBX using the "Export to CC3/4" button on the CC/iC Pipeline addon
5. Opened new project in CC4
6. Navigate to Plugins > Blender Pipeline > Import Character from Blender
7. Chose FBX saved from Blender export
8. Clicked Import Character on the Blender Auto-setup Character Import popup
9. Clicked OK on the Create Asset popup
10. Character Creater 5 loading popup finished loading
11. The Asset Import Status Report popup appeared with everything correct and "passing"
12. Click OK, and CC4 crashes.

I tried this multiple times. Every time it crashes. I am able to import to CC4 my Blender project using the traditional Export/Import ways, but of course the materials aren't set up correctly.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byjenni_338238
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi jenni_338238

Thanks for your feedback.
Could you help to check if your charcater is created with multiple hair/ brows/ beard?
If it's multiple hair elements, please try to untick "Merge Beard and Brows into one object" on Export FBX panel then continue the workflow.
We've found some error may cause the crash when importing this kind of fbx and reported it to our engineer.

But if your character doesn't have any hair element, please provide us the project or screen video.
You can upload the file to Google drive or any net drive then post the download link in your next comment, feel free to set is as private comment if you want.

Please feel free to contact us if any, thank you.
I am facing same issue. Any fix?