Character Creator 4
Issue 11230
CC4.4 loosing Base Color Maps , Items turn black or white
The example char was created with CC4,32. The bug did not appear on CC432.

When Importing into CC4,4 Jacket or trousers or both become black RANDOMLY. When using this Char in an Iclone 8.4 project, when loading the project into iclone, the cloth also randomly turns black.

I discovered that CC4.3x for unknown reasons has used the imported Base Color Maps as opacity map too (imported fbx or obj). I could not find out if the lies bug around there, because when removing the opacity map SOMETIMES the cloth stays black, sometimes it turns blue immediately.

When removing the opacity map and saving the char with removed opacity map and the black trousers , on next import they appaer blue again.

This is very confusing because i do not know how to really solve the problem. In my opinion the problem lies somewhere around the opacity map or an incompatibility with an earier CC4 version.

Image IC1 showing imported iclone project using attached char. The funny thing, when using "Edit in charcter Creator" it opens in blue (or not) in CC44, not as shown in Iclone Image 1.
Image CC1 showing imported char from CC432 with random black trousers (same happens to shirt randomly)
Image CC2 showing char with removed trouser opacity map randomly still showing black trousers but on re-importing from content manager blue

Note: Diffuse map is 128x128 px, may this be the reason ?

Windows10 (same happens on WIn7) 32gb RAM, GTX1080ti

Please refer to the attached txt containing a download link for a zip.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byK_Digital
2 more examples what happens around there when re-importing objs
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Hi K_Digital,

We can repeat it and have transfer to our RD deparment.Thank you for your help.

This error makes working with CC44 a pain .
Another example what just happened:
- exported CC3+ Char as obj
- re-imported obj
- extracted eyes from char
both eyes appear pitch black. This happned at least 10 times today when importing obs or when simply deleting an opacity map for example.
This happens randomly, no chance to predict.
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Thank you, this is interesting. Its a 32bit PNG , alpha Channel is white as far i can see. Though there must be a bug around there when importing an obj into CC4.4 the texture randomly turns black or white which has not happended with CC4,32.
NOTE: There are no images in your report.

For your information, if you use a PNG file as texture and it is 32-bit (so it has an Alpha channel), that texture will also show up in the Opacity channel, but only the Alpha is used. So this is normal.