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CC3 to CC3 Base Plus fails to convert - major distortions on fingers & finger nails, toe nails are fine. Morphs aren't fully respected
All my sculpting was baked before the conversion to CC3 base plus even though the converter does it as well.

The toes and nails sculpted the same way are completely fine. I've tested the conversion to the 4k preset and normal and there is no difference.

In the image below I've sent both the original and the converted base plus model to Zbrush for comparison. The dark brown is the original and the peach color is the converted version.

The base plus forces the thumb position back to a more human structure -spread out rather than keeping the morphed shape.
The finger nail sculpts seem to be stretched and the position and angle are extremely out out place. The texture stretching can be seen in the attached image.

Please let me know you've investigated this. I'm trying to get this bear to the Marketplace asap.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAscensi
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After examining the textures in depth with CC3 Base to Base Plus conversion, the tongue and mouth area doesn't quite convert correctly but I understand that my character has some extreme morphs and texture details that are non human and maybe this is why the converter struggles? Luckily most of the textures converted fine.. the skin area would of been a huge issue if I had to redo this. I am thankful that Reallusion/Devs upgraded the character body, without this the neck would not deform correctly when animating and making this bear available to the market place wouldn't be possible.
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Just an update for anyone that's had this problem and the Devs.. Rampa and I found a workaround. Rampa suggested to create the morph from the original and apply it to a neutral base character and then convert that to a CC3 Base + Character, but the problem is that the textures won't convert.  

I suggested that the textures still might work from the CC3 to CC3 Base + conversion and these textures then could be applied to the uncorrupted character with the morph applied. Rampa tested this and it was a success! So perhaps a suggestion for the Devs, it might be safer to have scripts run to create a morph and then apply it to a new Base Plus and extract textures from the character converter and apply them if a fix isn't possible.
Thanks Rampa! I appreciate your attempt , the problem is not just the morph otherwise this would be a non issue because I've fixed that the same way with destroyed UVs after using auto uv groups in zbrush before CC3+.  Overall the new CC3 base +  will break my textures because it has different UVs. But you have given me an idea that might work.. after I bake out the morph from current CC3 gen I could probably send it to iClone untextured  then in CC3 try the conversion to CC3+ again from the original and then send that character to iclone too and paste all the textures to the  CC3+. Hopefully the material conversion isn't corrupted as well. I'll report my results here as a workaround for others or that it failed. Thanks again!
Try this for a fix in the meantime.

Create a morph with your original CC3 base that you baked.
Apply a neutral base using the button in the modify panel. That will be a CC3 Plus base.
Apply the morph you saved earlier.
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