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Issue 6440
CC3 don't launch with nVidia studio driver (441.28)
CC3 don't launch with the newest nVidia driver (441.28 - 11/18/2019).
Start screen appears then nothing. i have this issue for some versions. This bug is kind of old, and there are already closed bug reports.
I also tryed the newest, normal nVidia Game Ready driver.
I can not rollback the drivers, becouse my last driver is the Game Ready one -> same bug.

Please do something! This must be fixed on reallusion side, i see bug reports changed to fixed, please do not set this to fixed if its not.
When you close this bug report, we can not communitcate anymore and collect the informations.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byHitEmUp
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Nvidia 445.87 driver doesn't start CC3. Which driver should I use?
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Hi simon_20140205222146880,

Thanks for your reply!
Nvidia 445.87 driver should work perfectly via CC3.
Please try to reinstall 445.87 driver again, or try the old one 445.75 to see if the issue still exist.

If problem still exist, please contact our TS support team, they will give you help within 48 hrs.

Thanks for your patience!

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Hi HitEmUp,

Character Creator 3 & Character Creator 3 Pipeline Extension should be the same exe program, Pipeline Extension is more like a plugin inside Character Creator 3.
It enable some features such as instaLOD for you, so if you successfully launched Pipeline Extension, that also mean you Launch Character Creator 3 successfully.

@HitEmUp: The recommended procedure is the uninstall the driver completely (using uninstall from the Control Panel) and then install an earlier version (you can download it from Nvidia).

For some reason a rollback is not recommended.

The recent problem with the Nvidia drivers effected other RL products as well, even older ones, so that's why it needed to be fixed on the Nvidia side.
I use CC2 alot and never need even to switch to the studio drivers... So what happend to CC3?
Is there a way to get the old drivers without a rollback? My rollback goes to the Game Ready drivers.
If Nvidia changes their drivers once a week and break something again, you can't expect RL to keep up. 

It was and is an Nvidia problem, which was fixed by Nvidia for the last few drivers including 441.12, so the issue was of course closed. It is NOT  an RL bug. Sorry to hear that Nvidia messed up again.

It is good to report it, but unreasonable to complain because the previous entry was resolved and thus closed. Opening a new one as you did is the best way forward.
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