Character Creator 3
Released in 1.2
Issue 7715
CC3 Freeze on Startup with Smart Gallery installed
I have reproduced this 3 times. When Smart Gallery is installed, CC3 starts up, loads splash screen, loads default project, then freezes with a transparent screen of white over the application's main window.

Twice I let CC3 with Smart Gallery installed 'load for almost 2 hours, thinking that it might be a slow server. But it was still frozen. My network was fine, no traffic seen at all anyway.

Task Manager typical 'CC3 not responding'

After uninstalling Smart Gallery, CC3 loads ok.

My system information zip file is > 10MB, so your upload widget here isn't accepting it.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bymateyuzo
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi mateyuzo

We've released latest Smart Gallery v1.2, please update the program and check if it work!
Please feel free to open another post if you have any problem!

Thank you
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi mateyuzo

Thanks for your feedback.
This issue may be caused by qml-base function with some graphic card, we're trying to fix this problem.
If you're using multiple monitors, please follow the workaround steps:
1. Try to disable other monitor only leave the major one:
2. Open CC3 and close it to makes CC3 always open in the main monitor
3. Enable other monitor back
4. Open CC3 to check if it work

If issue still exists, please feel free to let us know
Thank you