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CC 3.2 Crashing
I've recently installed the CC 3.2 update on the release date, 11/18/19, and shortly after opening the Character Creator it crashed and closed out. I checked the Nvidia graphics card driver and noticed it needed to be updated, so I updated the driver, restarted the PC and opened up CC3. This time it would remain open but added any materials to the base model, trying to swap out the character, or even bringing in a character from Iclone would also crash the program. Any adjustments I tried to do on the character would crash the program. I also noticed the character has a discoloration on the eyes. Even after installing the Headshot AI plugin today, 11/19/19, any modifications on the character would crash the program. Uninstalling and reinstalling the program via Reallusion Hub didn't work either. I put in a support ticket but I'm hoping someone has a solution for this, please help !!!

My specs are as follows;

Windows 10
Intel Core i7 processor
Nvidia 1080 graphics card
16 GB ram
A little over 3TB space in my hard drive (internal and external)
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byLookingGlassGraphics
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Hi LookingGlassGraphics.

Thanks for your feedback!
Yeah, we accidentally remove some data in Reg after some patch installer.
We'll fix that up in next version.
Also, did you remember which installer you have installed (CC for iClone / CC Pipeline Extension...any other?) ?


This issue has been resolved. It was a registry issue with the installation file. Rampa has assisted me and gave me a step by step on how to resolve the issue.
I removed the programs, cleaned the registry and then after reinstalling the software and plugins I was able to use the program without it crashing. Thank you.