Character Creator 3
Issue 6145
Bump/normal/shininess and metallic maps not loaded for avatar skins
It used to be Transformer would correctly locate the bump/normal/shininess/metallic maps for skin but it no longer works that way. I can't get ANY avatar to correctly load in the skin maps anymore.
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Thanks, Calvin (and no worries -- I've been up to my neck in alligators here).
Okay, but you didn't attach any zip file.

However, in the meantime I've figured out what the bug is (although for the life of me I'm not sure how it crept in there) and it also exposes another bug.  First of all, when Daz exports the FBX file one of the options is "Collect Textures to Folder" which I've always thought has to be on and have ALWAYS used it with it turned on.  When it's on Daz ONLY exports the diffuse maps -- no other maps are exported.  Transformer apparently only looks at this folder to get the maps, and thus will not pick up any other maps (indeed, if you delete this folder and try and import the FBX via Transformer you don't even get the diffuse maps).  If I manually copy ALL the maps from the Runtime/Textures/ folder for the avatar into this export folder, Transformer WILL find the bump/metallic/roughness maps (it doesn't correctly handle the roughness maps, though -- that's the other bug.  It's supposed to invert the map and apply, I think, -18 to it, but instead it brings it in as normal which results in WAY too shiny a skin.  That bug needs to be fixed).

If I export the FBX from Daz WITHOUT the "Collect Textures to Folder" checked, then Transformer WILL find the right textures -- in that case I guess it does look for the right texture folder.  So the bug is that somehow having that "Collect Textures to Folder" checkmarked in Daz now results in Transformer ONLY looking at that particular collected folder instead of the default textures folder for that avatar.  This appears to be new behavior (perhaps sometime in the last two or three releases of CC3).  If this is something that can't be fixed at the very least folks need to be warned NOT to checkmark that on export (as users are doing on the forum -- I've been contacted by at least a half dozen folks with this problem).

But, also -- you need to fix the roughness/glossiness issue.  It used to work just fine, but somehow that has slipped through the cracks as well.  If you need example files for this I'd be glad to provide them (but any of the Daz avatars with glossy maps will show this -- Mrs.Chow, Mr. Woo, etc, etc.)
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Hi Kelleytoons,

Thanks for your reply!
Because we can't reproduce your issue, please download this zip file and unzip it and follow all the steps to get the log file.
So that we can track the issue properly, thanks for your help!


I know you don't know me from adam, but I'm the one that Luke used the Python code to develop that LUA file.  So, yes, I know damn well how to use this stuff and I was indeed using Advanced and I do indeed have that file.

As I said, it used to work just fine -- now it doesn't.  Something's broken.
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Hi Kelleytoons,

Thanks for your feedback!
Which way did you selected when you import via Transformer?  Advanced or Basic?
Also please check your CC installed path (Default path : C:\Program Files\Reallusion\Character Creator 3 ), then go to "...Program\Assets\Creator", make sure you got a file call "DazTexture.lua"
Thanks for your help!

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