Character Creator 4
Issue 10982
Bug with custom t-pose and custom skin weights - Saving Cloth Skin Weights request
Hello, there is a bug in CC when using a custom T-Pose with custom clothing.
If I transfer and edit those weights to be correct and then try to use any of the morph sliders to make any changes to my character, the clothing gets messed up.
An easy fix for this would be to convert the clothes to accessories and then transfer the weight again after I've morphed the character but I haven't found a way to save out the custom skinning information I've created so I don't have to correct all the weight painting from scratch.
So I guess if you can fix the bug, great, if not, if there was a way to save our clothing weight in maps like other 3D software have, that would also be really handy.
Here are videos demonstrating my issue:
Steps to recreate:
Change T-Pose to custom one (i have added mine in the shared link along with the file you can try and the custom clothing I import)
Import custom clothing made in outside program
Transfer Weights on each piece and paint weights to fix issues
Return T-Pose to original
Decide you need to change something on the character like a facial feature or body part scale
Everything gets messed up.

Many thanks,
OS: Windows 11
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Submitted bymeletis3d
Cloth Physics Doesn't support Morphs, except the face such as beard and mustache. I've requested support for the full body but we never know what Reallusion's plans are.